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Ischia Island 추천 호텔


모든 호텔을 한눈에 비교 전 세계 130만 개의 호텔을 한 번에 비교하여 마음에 쏙 드는 호텔을 예약하세요.

La Madonnina Hotel Ischia
La Madonnina , on the sea, offers its guests a view of great charm over the Gulf of Napoli and an incomparable oasis of peacefulness and rest where to relax and spend unforgettable days. In a magic atmosphere, the hotel offers rooms with a sea view, a private beach, a terrace-solarium, a terrace-garden and a free shuttle service to the Thermal Baths which are available nearby. There is also a big car-park, a TV room, a bar and a beautiful terrace-restaurant.

Poggio Del Sole Hotel Ischia Island
Hotel Poggio del Sole (Hotel of the Sunny Hill) is a cosy, charming, family-owned and operated hotel at the foot of Mount Epomeo on the beautiful Italian Island of Ischia. The hotel is perfectly positioned for quiet and peaceful afternoons spent gazing at the panorama of lush greenery, dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue waters and is walking distance from both the center of Forio and the sea. Poggio del Sole provides everything you might need to make your vacation perfect: comfortable rooms with unlimited views of the Mediterranean sea, pool, solarium, internal parking and most of all the warm hospitality of the owners and staff. When you leave your only desire will be to return soon! Each room boasts either a balcony or terrace with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean sea. The hotel also features a grand sundeck and pool with jacuzzi, showers, unbrellas, sun chairs and magnificent sea views. You may spend your time sipping homemade limoncello among the olives and fruits in our quiet garden or in the Colella family's private vineyard. A full bar is always available, as is a widescreen TV and lounge perfect for those can't be missed futbol matches. Private parking is available for those with cars, otherwise rides in the hotel's minibus may be arranged.

Noris Hotel Ischia Island
Situated in the very centre of the town just 50 metres away from "fisherman's beach", hotel noris is a small welcoming hotel. It has been recently renovated and is positionaned in the heart of the old quarters of ischia ponte near to the famous aragonese castle and just a short walk away from the main shopping street where there are the most fashionable boutiques. The island ideal for whoever is looking for a holiday without the problems of a car. The restaurant's cuisine is typical of traditional island dishes, with genuine fragrant flavours. All the rooms have been renovated and are complete with en suite bathrooms, telephone (direct dial), colour television, central heating, balconies with a panoramic sea view when requested.

Ape Regina Hotel Ischia Island
Hotel Ape Regina situated in a quiet area, is surrounded by a landscape made of woods and vineyards, at walking distance from Bosco della Maddalena, wonderful pinetrees and holm oaks park. On Ischia island, only 2.4 km from Casamicciola Terme's town centre, which is easily reachable by bus n.16 (departures every hours ca.). Ape Regina is a family run hotel offering a traditionally warm hospitality.

St. Leonard Hotel Ischia Island
호텔 세인트 레오나드는 뛰어난 전경 입장에의 매혹적인 베이에 위치해있는 "Scannella"Forio 사이에 Panza 디부 Ischia의 위치에 - Citara의 해변, 포세이돈 정원 - 그리고 미 안젤로의 그림 같은 마을입니다. 평온의 오아시스에서, 호텔은 전문적인 관리의 따뜻한 분위기를 주셔서 감사합니다 다수의 일반 고객의 미팅 포인트입니다.

Miramare E Castello Hotel Ischia Island
지하에있는 라운지 총신 전형적인 아치와 지중해 건축 인테리어를 특징 짓는 호텔. 옥상 정원 프레임 아름다운 프로젝션는쪽으로 바다, 외부 레스토랑과 전용 해변. 파스텔 컬러 가구, 장소 바다 전형의 : 각 층에서 명시한 한 구체적인, 세련된 바닥 타일 Vietri 도자기에서. 어떤 지역과 같은 레스토랑은 여전히 50의 원래 바닥이다 있음.

Mareblu Terme Hotel Ischia
그것은 Ischia 섬의 옛 시내 중심가의 가장 매혹적인 지역의 고대 귀족의 별장, 스포 아라곤어 (Aragona 성)과 Vivara과 Procida 제도에 반대이다. 항구 킬로미터에서 1 미터에서 쇼핑 메인 스트리트 200에 불과. 40 객실 헤어 드라이어, 부여와 함께 목욕이나 샤워, 개별적으로 난방을 제어 에어컨 및, 토 - 텔레비전, 스카이 텔레비젼, 볼 당 지불, 직통 전화, 미니바 . 홀 빌라 고대부터 오는 가구와 세련된 우아함과 획기적인 제품. 특히 풍부한 아침 식사 뷔페. 점심 식사 서비스가 일품 레스토랑이나 전망대에서 수영장으로. 전형적인 지역 및 국제적인 요리. 테마 이벤트, 수영장 가장자리에 라이브 음악과 함께 저녁 식사 축제. 표시줄 및 독서 방 - TV도 있고. . 미터 30 모래 전용 해변의 벌금에서 호텔 서비스와 스넥 바 정원 전망대입니다. 하나의 특색을 이루며 36 ° C 자체 hiperthermal 봄 미네랄이 풍부한, dermatologic에 대한 방사능 - 유황 이상, 그리고 otorhinolaryngology 트리 트먼트 정형 외과에 의해 먹이 달콤한 물을 한 부분 실내 온도 수영장 야외 있습니다. 과 복지 센터 터키어 목욕, kneipp 풀, 얼음 폭포, 홍수와 열이, 하이드로 마사지 욕조, 커플 가능 단독 사용을 문질러 샤워. 체육관, 지붕에 태양 치료 및 일광 욕실을위한 테라스. 리프트, 와이파이 지역, 주차장.

La Rotonda Sul Mare Ischia Island
Apartments Rotonda Sul Mare offer charming and comfortable holiday apartments on the gorgeous island of Ischia. The apartments are available for 2 / 4 or 6 people. Fabulously located on the sun-drenched southwest coast of the beautiful San Francesco bay, it sits directly on the beach awaiting your quiet and peaceful afternoons spent in front of dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue water. We are delighted to welcome you to Ischia, and we are eager to show you all of the beauty of our island.We offer exellent infrastructure and services. Our apartments have private bathrooms, air conditioning, heating, hair dryer, sat tv. A big solarium in front of ocean is always avayable with unbrellas and sun chairs. We can also provide you with other services such as moped, car and bike rentals for reduced rates, transport to and from area spas and thermal baths, as well as private baby-sitting for a fee.

Parco Cartaromana Hotel Ischia Island
The hotel covers 6000 square metres and has 3 thermal pools with a waterfall, (one is covered and has hydromassage). All the rooms have been renovated and have private bathrooms, direct dial telephone, TV color with satellite installation, central heating and when requested rooms with a balcony overlooking the Aragonese Castle and sea view. Private parking, American bar with draught beer, an ample garden, vast solarium with loungers, sun-beds and umbrellas. Two tennis courts, illuminated at night are also part of facilities. The hotel has an arrangement with several thermal centres that guarantee free transport at all times during the morning. The hotel has an arrangement with a local beach with all facilities only about 800 meters away. From the centre we' re about 600 meters away. From the Hotel it's also possible to visit the famous Saint Anna rocks, by a small pathway. Easy connection to the local bus routes right outside the hotel. Situated in a fresh verdant area it offers its guest a unique panorama, due to its splendid position near the Aragonese Castle and overlooking the bay and saint anna rocks. Its in a tranquil setting but just a few hundred metres from the beach and the old town of Ischia Ponte, particulary adapt for people who want to spend a peaceful holiday away from stress and noise the family atmosphere, courtesy and wonderful cuisine are the basis of our activity.

Vittoria Hotel Ischia
이 호텔은 작고, 완전히, 평화, 익숙한, 생동감, 삶과 그들의 손님 지출 시간을 즐기는 그들은 여유로운 휴가를 잘, 좋은 음식과 즐거운되는 검색에 보낼 수있게 좋은 사람들로 가득 가득 중앙 단장입니다 - 재생 휴가를 짧게합니다.

Residence Villa Tina Ischia
If you are thinking to a various vacation from the usuals, if it appeals to to feel to you an appreciate host to you, you must choose the warm atmosphere of the Residence Villa Vat encircled from a verdeggiante rich garden of Grasses, trees from fruit, exotic plants and a graceful small kitchen-garden. From we twitterings unforgettable moments in good company and you will be able to taste the delights “Ischitane made up of fresh fish and ortaggi of our garden rigorously. The structure is equipped of: Garden, Angle Well-being, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Parking, Lavanderia and Stireria. Distances: from the center 800m; from the sea 600m; stopped bus 40m; Garden Thermal Poseidon 900m

Carlo Magno Hotel Ischia Island
전적으로 지중해 스타일의 새로운 건설. 객실은 볼 수 없습니다 하위 파노라마 더 - 나뉘어으로 세 가지 유형 : : - 표준과 에어컨, 위성 컬러 텔레비젼, 안전 금고, 직통 전화, 헤어 드라이기 플러스 안뜰 또는 TV 방 더하기 인터랙티브 표준 정원 편안 : 가졌 같은 시설로 . 쥬니어 스위트 : 1 (침실을 갖춘 커뮤니케이 션과 2)의 어느과 더블 침대. 공동 욕실 렌더링 가족 단위에 적합으로이 옵션. 시설 무관한 객실에서 동일한 표준하지만 공기는 컨디셔닝. 수영장 : 파노라마 풀을 : - 바 수영장으로 수영장 호텔이 3 반대와 열 미네랄 수영 마사지, 물이 하이드로했습니다 오토바이 현재와 물. 근육질 각성 연습 수영장이 주간으로 삼배를 개최. 어린이 수영장 : : 젊은 요구 출장 요리에 대한 모든 손님. 덮여 풀 (가장 중요한) 물 온도 38 일정한 온도에서 마사지 40과 하이드로. " 금성 뷰티 센터는 "치료를 또는 치료 아름다움하는 데 제공하는 기회와 일주일에 열린 7 일, 고정된 시간 테이블. 무료 셔틀 버스와 공항에서 해변 될 배열 수 산 Montano.Transfers과 Ameno Lacco에게 보장하는 서비스를 모두 나폴리와 로마와 그것도 가능한 이탈리아의 모든 도시에서 호텔로 직접 전송을 제공하는 것입니다의 역. 비용은 여행의 길이에 따라 다릅니다.

Villa Thomas Hotel Ischia Island
The hotel Villa Thomas is located on the western side of the Island Ischia. In the area known as Monterone of Forio. The Island of Ischia is famous for its natural thermal hot springs. We built the hotel on our thermal hot spring "Tironi" which is well known for its healing effects for arthritis and other ailments. The pool is filled each day with fresh thermal water from the natural hot spring located under the hotel. The water temperature ranges from 90° to 100°. The thermal pool provides a wonderful combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. The hotel is family owned and operated with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The building is 3 stories with a restaurant, a bar and a sitting room with satellite TV. The hotel is only a five minute walk from the center of the quaint town of Forio. It is a ten minute walk from the hotel to the nearest beach `La Chiaia". There is a convenient minibus that runs every our to and from the hotel to Citara-beach where the most well known attraction on the island `The Poseidon Gardens" are located.

Torre Sant'Angelo Hotel Ischia
Hotel Torre Sant’Angelo is situated on a promontory overlooking the sea with an enchanting view onto the bay and village of Sant’Angelo, after which it is named. The scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, the vineyards and the relaxing sounds of the sea welcome our guests and work their magic from the moment of their arrival. The perfect balance between modern comforts and traditional simplicity is the basis of its charm and beauty, as guests are made to feel at home. Breakfast is served on the panoramic terrace without any time schedule constraints. Thermal pools with hydromassage (Jacuzzi) are at the disposal of the guests. The harmony between the beauty of the setting and the spectacular natural surroundings guarantees a relaxed, unique and exclusive atmosphere. The hotel has 10 rooms and 7 mini-apartments, most of which have balconies with view onto the sea. The restaurant offers traditional dishes with a modern and innovative twist. The hotel has a bar, TV viewing area, internet zone and private parking.

Loreley Hotel Ischia Island
Sant'Angelo of Ischia, on the southern coast of the island, is a picturesque fishermen village surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean gardens and crossed by small roads and paths with absolute no access to cars. In this peaceful haven we find the Hotel Loreley, with a panoramic view on the charming little port of the village and on the Maronti bay. All rooms enjoy the sea-view. The Hotel, recently renewed, has got a restaurant, a bar, a solarium, a swimming pool with thermo mineral water, TV hall and a terrace with a fantastic view on the sea, where you can have a fragrant breakfast in the morning while admiring the beautiful view of Capri and the Sorrentinean Coast, which you can visit with every day excursions. Besides, the nearby centres of "Terme Linda" and "Giardini Tropical" are available for your thermal treatments. The Hotel staff is always at your disposal to solve all your problems and make your holiday as happy as possible.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa Ischia
일어나 주변을 지중해에 진정하고 긴장. 불가사의에 감탄의 자연과 터치 치료 풀다에 동양 환경 미묘한. 분수의 소리 분실 자신을 진정 손바닥으로 키 큰 정원 그늘진로합니다.의하자 기쁨 갈 자신이 열 온천과 영혼을 조화 몸과. 요리 지중해 섬세한 풍미의 즐거움에 impeccably 호텔 Manzi 봉사에 독점 레스토랑 지중해 문화. 꿈이 있습니다. 천의 화려한 탐구 호텔의 과거를 홀 리콜 올 테음부터 사실에 & 스파. 쓰러지는 호텔의 가장 권위있는 '의 Ischia 하나에 기쁨의 추억시킵니다. 쓰러지는 스파 테음부터 Manzi 호텔 &.

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